Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack

Written By Shayan

Published on: 26/11/2020

Motorola Talkabout T100 came in the bottom and center of the package in all categories except higher scores due to its small size.

It’s cheap, but it’s not the cheapest – it’s light but not the lightest.

Its range is a better touch than the lowest performer, but far from the longest speakers.

It survived our standard air and durability tests, but it has no features to make it resistant to harsh environments.

If you are looking for a small and simple hand radio, Talkabout is good value with average performance in a stylish package.

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack - handheld radio
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Test Results

At 4.0 ounces and 5 inches tall, the Motorola Talkabout T100 is one of the smallest radios we tested, but slightly heavier than its other smallest competitors.

It has sufficient range, robustness and battery life.

It rarely beats the status quo except for its small size and weight.

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack - 41vCeRNdioL. AC

The Talkabout T100 conducted a search from a distance of 3.5 miles in our unobstructed range test and came in slightly below average in our peak and bad weather tests.

Compared to other small radios we tested, it has a better range overall.

When we went out of range, this radio had a tendency not to broadcast at all rather than broadcast distorted and ambiguously.

Easy to use

With only a few buttons and no buttons at all, these radios are not one of the easiest to use, but they were on the same level as others that only use the buttons.

You should watch the screen to see if you’ve changed the channel or audio.

Making adjustments after reading the instructions is not a confusing process, but the controls are not immediately intuitive, as are the buttons.

The removable belt clip works, but it’s not safe enough for more demanding activities like mountain biking.

In cold weather, we had to take off our gloves to do what we wanted to use the front buttons, but the PTT button is finger-friendly with gloves.

If you are going to use this at night, it does not have an illuminated screen.


Motorola does not indicate that this radio has any waterproofing.

He survived a few drops of rain, but we did not test it, exceeding its stated capacity.

The T100 has a robust emotion sheath that shows little wear after our test days.

There are no small parts that seem likely to be severed by hard use.

This radio contains fewer reports from online consumers than others who report that their radios are broken or have stopped working.

This may indicate stronger quality control conducted by Motorola.

If you find defects or weaknesses, the radios are covered by Motorola’s one-year warranty.

Battery life

Talkabout, which had a life of 19 hours and 30 minutes in the transmission test, was quite successful.

It nearly doubled the lifespan of the poorest performers, but hours less than the best.

Looking deeper than the total battery time, the screen has a low battery indicator, but when it started flashing, the radio did not send a transmission.

When trying to transfer it, it just beeped loudly but didn’t make calls.

This lack of warning can leave your partner stranded as you can’t warn that your radio is about to fail.

Since this radio also does not have the option to charge, you need to replace the batteries instead of plugging them in to bring them back to life.

Check out talkabout rechargeable batteries on amazon.

Weight and Size

This is one of the smallest and lightest radios.

It is about 5 inches long and weighs only 4.0 ounces with the batteries inside.

It could easily have been lost in our backpack and when we put our belt on it didn’t lower our waist belt.


If you are looking for a good radio with a few frills in a small package, this radio is good value.

It’s one of the cheaper radios. and offers average performance.

It does not stand out for its wide range and features, but its price and small size make it a competitor for some buyers.


The size and price of the Motorola Talkabout T100 makes it a good option for those who do not need great range and battery life.

Ease of use, such as durability, is on the same level as other small radios.


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