How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo

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Published on: 11/12/2020

Have you ever seen a big brand with no logo? No? Because I don’t have any. The logo has a huge impact on how your customers perceive your brand.

So, naturally, you want your logo to be outstanding. But how are you going to get there?

Don’t worry about it! This handy guide will teach you everything you need to know to design the perfect logo for you and your business.

Read on to define your brand and learn how to design a logo, from understanding what constitutes a great logo to making the right design choices and navigating the design process.

Step-by-step guide to understanding why a logo is important to your business, how to design a logo, how to hire a logo designer, and how to integrate your logo design into your brand material.

In today’s business world, everyone wants their brand recognized and remembered. Your logo plays a big role in this scenario.

Yes, creating an unforgettable business logo can be difficult, but it’s still the most important design tip any brand strategist can give you.

In this guide, we will discuss all aspects of creating a catchy business logo, from getting ideas to finding the right designer.

Importance of Logo to your business

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Business is really like flirting; You’re trying to attract the right customers and make them fall in love with your brand.

So think of your logo as the picture on your dating profile.

This is what will interest people and try to learn more about you (or swipe left because you’re not for them). I mean, you want to do your best, don’t you?

Your logo will have a big impact on your business’s first impression:

It will inform your customers about your brand and let them know if it is right for them.

Because your logo is a very important part of your brand, you want to make sure it’s well done.

Your logo will be on all your branding materials. Your website will return to your customers from your packaging and business cards. To be reasonable! A great, professional logo design not only has the power to convey what you represent.

It will also make a good first impression and help you stand out in the competition.

Power of your Logo design

The absolute strength of a logo is that it is catchy.

When your business logo is instantly th to know, you know you have a winner.

It’s important to be careful when creating your logo and make sure it performs both.

The CocaCola logo hasn’t changed much since it started early, and almost everyone in the world has noticed that.

It’s so memorable that the logo inspires fonts, and the color is often known as Coca-Cola red.

Similarly, the McDonald’s logo with its famous and memorable golden arches is known all over the world.

You don’t even have to see the word “McDonald’s” to recognize the belts.

Find inspiration for your design

The hardest part of the design process may be the search for logo inspiration. Fortunately, we have some tips that will really make your job easier.

Maybe you’re an imaginary person and you like to start by gathering verbal ideas.

A proper idea sharing session can be just what you need to determine the look and feel you’re trying to achieve.

Here are three steps to help you come up with the best creative logo ideas:

  • Follow the rules of brainstorming: Brainstorming is about uncovering all ideas (even really bad ones) and writing them down. Even a terrible idea can ignite a phrase that leads to a genius solution.
  • Think like your audience: Make a list of words that define your brand and how you want it to feel. Think of it as a person in your target probability and always remember what will matter to them.
  • Include everyone: A one-man brainstorm is good, but only a mixed bag performs magic. Bring in people from every department, even friends and business partners. The more you look at it, the better.
How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo - get inspired by logo desing

Avoid these logo design mistakes

Before jumping into each step of creating a business logo, let’s take a look at the most common errors in the process.

There are a number of common bugs that turn logos into bugs, and it’s important to keep them in mind from the start, so you don’t have to do your job again later. Here’s a list of mistakes you should stay away from.

Copying another business’s logo design

Never copy logos from another business. It’s good to be inspired by someone else’s logo, don’t copy it.

Another angle for copying other logos is the use of logos created by AI or the use of a logo maker.

Bringing a random icon together with a little text makes your logo look like a million other logos there.

When you contact your designer, make sure it’s clear what kind of icons to use. Will it be a welded image or will they design it specially?

Not taking into account cultural and sociological dash

Another common mistake that can fail a logo is not to take into account cultural and sociological lines.

For example, where you do business locally or internationally is an important consideration when creating a logo.

Don’t use a symbol you like without knowing what it means. It can be religious images or carry a cultural clue that can cause confusion or a negative, even offensive impression in some places.

A common error with the sociological line concerns the placement of elements in the logo design.

What seems to you to be an adult protecting the child may be wrong for something else. These are technically innocent mistakes but can then cost many headaches.

To avoid this error, just stay alert, know and check all visuals with people from different backgrounds.

Forgetting to think about the consumer

It is common for a business owner to like a logo design so much that it forgets the importance of how the consumer evaluates it.

Keep in mind that the logo is for your customers, not for you. This error is most common among non-professional designers who are interested in the ultimate art theory rather than the message it conveys.

Find a brand identity specialist for hire

If you don’t know what you want your logo to look like, it’s easy to find inspiration and ideas.

Create a folder on your computer or get a dashboard app like Milanote. You can also do market research for competitors and see what their logo looks like.

Take screenshots and store them in this new folder to reapply.

Another way to find ideas and inspiration is to browse the portfolios of logo design vendors on Fiverr.

When you’re ready to hire a designer, click on the heart of those you like to create a preselection for.

The 7 logo styles you should understand

Although they are all a combination of typography and images, each type of logo gives your brand a special look.

And since your logo is the first thing new customers will see, you need to make sure you get it right.

Want to choose the best type of logo for your business? Here are 7 types of logos you need to know about:

Logos with monograms

How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo - monogram
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Logos with monograms or letter signs are logos consisting of letters, usually the initials of the brand. IBM, CNN, HP, HBO… Notice the pattern, didn’t you?

These are the initials of several well-known companies with rather long names.

Remembering 2 or 3 words, each of them began to use their initials to identify the brand.

Therefore, it makes sense for them to use monograms – sometimes called letter logos – to represent their organizations.


How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo - wordmarks
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Like a letter sign, a verbal sign or logo is a font-based logo that focuses only on the company’s name.

Think of Visa and Coca-Cola. Logos with verbal signs really work well when the company has a succinct and distinct name.

The Google logo is a great example of that. The name itself is catchy and memorable, so in combination with clear typography, the logo helps to create strong brand recognition.

Pictorial marks

How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo - pictorial marks
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A graphic sign (sometimes called a trademark or logo symbol) is a badge or graphic logo.

This is presumably the picture that strikes a chord when you think about the “logo”: the notable Apple logo, the Twitter bird, the objective in the bull’s-eye.

The logos of each of these companies are so symbolic, and each brand is so famous that the sign itself is instantly recognizable. A real brand is just an image.

Because of this, it can be a complex type of logo for new companies or companies that do not have strong brand recognition.

Abstract logo marks

How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo - abstract logos
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An abstract sign is a special kind of graphic logo.

Instead of a recognizable image, such as an apple or a bird, it is an abstract geometric shape that represents your business.

Several notable examples include the STAR-shaped BP logo, the divided Pepsi circle and the striped Adidas flower.

Like all logo symbols, abstract signs work very well because they combine your brand into a single image.

However, instead of being limited to depicting something recognizable, abstract logos allow you to create something truly unique to represent your brand.

How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo - mascots logo
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Mascot logos are logos with the image of characters.

Often colorful, sometimes cartoonish, and often funny, the logo-talisman – a great way to create your own representative brand – uh, speaker (?).

A mascot is just an illustrated character representing your company.

Think of them as messengers of your business.

Famous mascots include Kool-Aid Man, Colonel KFC and Mr. Peanuts of Planter.

Mascots are great for companies that want to create a supportive atmosphere by reaching out to families and children.

Think about all these mascots at sporting events and the tremendous dynamics they create by interacting with the audience!

How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo - combination logo
Credit: Google images

A combined sign is a logo consisting of a combined verbal or letter sign and a graphic sign, abstract sign or mascot.

The image and text can be placed side by side, superimposed on top of each other, or combined to create an image.

Some well-known logos with combined signs include Doritos, Burger King and Lacoste.

The emblem

How to design a logo? Steps to creating a business logo - emblem logos
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The emblem logo consists of a font inside a symbol or icon; think badges, prints, and coats of arms.

These logos tend to have a traditional look that can make a striking impression, so they are often chosen by many schools, organizations or government agencies.

In the automotive industry, too, very much like logos-emblems.

Despite the fact that they have a classic style, some companies have effectively modernized the traditional look of the emblem, giving it a logo design that meets the requirements of the 21st century (remember the iconic emblem of the mermaid Starbucks or the famous coat of arms Harley-Davidson).

Which Logo is right for you?

Logos come in different styles. From a simple word to a icon or image with a word to a full-fledged emblem.

The type of logo you choose depends on where you want to use your logo and what features you can do.

A well-designed logo strategy includes two or three versions that can be used in different ways.

Most designers start with a combined sign that can be divided into a verbal and abstract sign or a letter sign and a graphic sign. Let’s look at different types of logos.

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Why using a wordmark logo in your business

The picture speaks a thousand words, and a carefully chosen word can amaze the imagination of thousands of people.

This is the case with verbal signs, a font-based logo that focuses on the name of an institution, product or company. Examples can be seen in the Disney, HBO, Facebook and FedEx logos.

To start a business, you need to achieve brand recognition, which will give you an advantage over competitors.

The dictionary signs will help you achieve this goal. Pictures are remembered better than text, and what could be better than using logos to make people remember your company’s name? Use the logo on all platforms and in any media, and people will immediately know your brand.

Before you develop a logo with an inscription, you need to consider two things: the catchy name of the company and the excellent designer for the, After all, creating a verbal sign is one thing, and creating a really impressive verbal sign is another.

Choose the right logo colors

The colors used in the design of your business logo are extremely important.

Colors evoke emotions and perception, both personally and culturally.

The color you use in your logo should match the identity of your brand and should be the right shade of that color.

Yellow, for example, is bright and inspiring when it is sunny yellow, but can repel if it leans towards oira or painful yellow color.

Color combinations also carry a lot of weight.

Remember how you use two or three colors together. Many color combinations give the impression that is hard to shake.

For example, green and red are Christmas colors, red, white, and blue remind you of the flag of the United States, and orange and black are reserved for Halloween.

Choose the right logo fonts

Like the psychology of color, logo fonts and typography also carry emotion and perception.

The fonts in your business logo should match your corporate style, as well as colors and visuals.

Choosing the right font for a logo is similar to choosing a logo style. Different types of fonts have their own visual style.

Choose a logo designer

Choosing and working with designer logos can be intimidating because all the difficulties are that you have to trust them with your brand, so in turn, their design aesthetics should match or at least be close enough to the style of your brand.


We recommend that you choose a designer who offers at least two or three versions.

This makes it easier to choose the best option for your brand.

Your logo is as important as your ad message, and they have to go hand in hand.

There are many Fiverr designers who can design the perfect business logo for your brand.

Don’t forget to always ask designers questions to communicate early.

We hope this comprehensive guide to logo development has helped you feel more confident and create a logo for your business.


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