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Written By Shayan

Published on: 20/12/2020

A web designer is an IT professional who is responsible for designing the layout, appearance, and user experience of the website.

A good web designer should have both creative graphic skills and technical skills. They should be able to visualize how the site will look and how it will work.

The term “web designer” is often mistakenly replaced by the term “web developer” and vice versa. The web developer is likely to be a software developer who works with programming languages to create a higher level of interaction on the website, such as integration with the database system.

Importance of website design

When you plan to change the design of your website, you may wonder about the importance of its design. How will this affect your audience and your business?

  • It gives a first impression: when someone visits your site, it gives them a first impression of your brand or business. They will judge your business in a matter of seconds. In those first few seconds, you want to have a positive impact on your audience.
  • This helps your search engine optimization strategy (SEO): many elements and practices of web design affect how you publish content on your website and how search engines index and scan your site.
  • Sets the impression of customer service: people can judge how you will treat them by looking at your website. Your design gives them an insight into how you look at your audience. If your site is bright, modern, and attractive, your audience will feel more welcome on your page. Your website is similar to a customer service representative.
  • Creates trust in your audience: people see your poor design or outdated information, they don’t trust your site. They may find your site squalid or questionable because you don’t have an updated web design. A professional site shows the trust of your audience. They will trust your business and will feel comfortable checking it further.
  • Your competitors do this: your competitors are already using web design. If you want to stay in competition with them, you should use web design for your site. The design of your website is an opportunity to distinguish your business from the competition. When you compete with other companies, you usually have the same services and similar prices.

Here is the top best Fiverr website designer that will help you most to build your professional business website from scratch. But before taking any step you should look at their all profile that they fulfill your requirements?

The below-listed freelancers are Fiverr sponsored. They have all the highest ratings from customers.


A web designer with extensive experience in WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS. daditza is always ready to help its customers and offer them the best web project. Send a message so you can start creating your new website!


Detrend is a 26-year-old keen designer and web developer from Bulgaria, Europe, with more than 8 years of professional experience. Detrend loves a clean and simple design. Less is more! Feel free to contact him with any questions or orders of customers!


fancyartist has been a creative graphic designer, web designer, and animator since 2002. He is very dedicated to his work. Hobbies: kickboxing, fishing, photography, and mountaineering. Give me a chance, and I won’t let you down 🙂


ahmed4321 – 24 years old, creative website designer and developer, with more than 5 years of experience in web design and development. It designs using the latest technologies that are commonly used in the market.

He believes in the requirements of customers and tries to meet the needs and requirements in the time frame set for customers. The ability to create websites using the latest technology to expand coverage.


christy_now1 is a freelance designer with 8 years of experience who tries to provide his clients with quality work and, hopefully (almost) never disappoints. See reviews of the services and see what other people say about the work of christy_now1.


A highly motivated person with extensive experience in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. With over 7 years of experience in branding, video production, web development and digital marketing for domestic and international clients.

In addition, usmanghani31 worked here on more than 1000 projects with 100% positive reviews. Moreover, he has great potential and experience in the digital world.


mike_ss is a professional graphic designer. I am engaged in graphic design and illustration, as well as web design and development in English and English.


saleemwebs welcomes you. saleemwebsan is an independent web developer, expert on PHP/MYSQL, and graphic designer, the last 10 years has worked as a freelancer and created hundreds of websites.


html_devloper is an experienced web developer with more than 4 years of experience in designing and developing websites. html_devloper is also familiar with e-commerce platforms such as woo-commerce and Shopify.


Shayan is a passionate Blogger who has written technology-intensive articles since 2018, is a WordPress enthusiast, Bachelor, and also read Computer Engineering. You can find many interesting articles and help here.

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