Namecheap 2021 Deals – Its Time To Grab The Best Deal

Written By Shayan

Published on: 29/12/2020

We all agree it’s been a tough year. However, there is still time to make the most of the short time that remains, before saying a not-so-fond farewell to 2020. Namecheap this holiday deals season is keeping holiday treats high with incredible discounts of up to 99% in our product range.


Whatever you want to do online during the holiday season, you can start cheaper with a number of top deals like:

  • Up to 94% discount on domains
  • Up to 55% off hosting
  • Up to 86% off security products that protect your browsing and website
  • Up to 99% off EasyWP Manageable WordPress.

To see everything you can get (the list is extensive!) Be sure to visit the holiday deals page.

Shop Smarter This Holiday Season

To help you get creative during the holiday season, they thought some special deals would be what you needed to get a little more holiday cheer! This year will be a bit different, but they hope that as you enter 2021 you will enjoy it and use it to motivate you. To make a more positive return – it won’t take much to beat!

Top Tips for the Holiday Season

Namecheap has also spent a lot of time thinking about ways to help you throughout the season, such as dealing with uncertainty, slowing down work or leaving work a bit to enjoy a holiday on its own. Check out the seasonal blog selections to learn more about ways to optimize the holiday season – no matter what your job is!

Whatever You Do, Have Fun!

We hope you will enjoy Holiday Opportunity Days, but most importantly, I hope the holiday deals season will go well for you and your business regardless of what it means.


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