What is Fiverr Business? Helps Teams to Manage Your Projects

written by Shayan

Freelance Market Fiverr launched a service aimed at helping teams of larger companies work with freelancers. Ceo Micha Kaufman said in an email that Fiverr has already started working with larger customers, but Fiverr Business is better designed to meet their needs.

He also suggested that many are increasingly turning to freelancers as the pandemic pushes companies to embrace remote work and pressures their lower limits, “2020 marks the beginning of a decade in which businesses will invest and learn how to do it. truly integrate freelancers into workflows. “

Fiverr Group Product Manager Meidad Hinkis guided me through the new service and showed me how users can create projects, assign team members and set free budgets, then hire freelancers and provide internal and external feedback on incoming work. He also said that there is a specially curated pool of self-workers through Fiverr Business, and that customers like Kaufman will also have access to assistants to help them find freelancers and manage projects. (On the freelance side, payments and the rest of the experience should be quite similar.)

In addition to freelancer fees, Fiverr Business will cost $149 a year for teams of up to 50 users, and Hinkis said the company offers the first year for free. “Fiverr believes so much in the product and in the direction that gives people to get real value before making a decision,” he said.

Entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of Fiverr. Our platform is designed to connect freelancers with serious business buyers such as you, and serious business buyers need serious tools. So Fiverr  introducing Fiverr Business Tools, a new and improved feature set designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) and their Fiverr teams.

Setup an Fiverr business account

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First, Fiverr ask the performers to tell us a little bit about their company and their business goals. You must be a registered Fiverr user to be able to join and use Business Tools.

Team management & billing

It’s now easy to add and delete co-authors and relevant team members – whether they’re new to Fiverr or already have an account. Teams can now choose their preferred payment method, set limits on monthly card usage, and update billing information.

General Overview

Track all your team’s orders in one place and see who buys what. Have you used the existing Fiverr group account feature? No problem. Fiverr will fully refund the balance on any existing team account by February 22.

What is Fiverr Business? Helps Teams to Manage Your Projects - Cropped Orders

And this is just the beginning! New business tools debut today, but keep an eye out for new business tools to collaborate, manage sellers and make better billing. What are you waiting for? Start with new business tools right now!

Boost your team with exceptional talent

Set your team up for success every time with the help of freelance talent you can count on.


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