How to wake up the brand heritage

Written By Shayan

Published on: 15/01/2021

In recent years, with the wide discussion of the trend of “retro design”, re-establishing the brand roots to rebrand has become the focus of people’s attention. But trying to revive the brand’s tradition isn’t just about finding the right vintage font or revival of the brand’s best logo in the archives.

Spencer Buck, co-founder and creative partner of Taxi Studio in Bristol, says it doesn’t matter what you talk about. He shrugged: “It’s simple, just do it right, do it.” “I hate to mention “trends” because it implies rapid change, with a focus on designing the brand as a more timeless and powerful place. But the sad reality is that many brands were their own best version many years ago. “

Over time, Barker explains, brand assets can be eroded: “It washes away the key points of the difference – brand USP, old money – until the brand normalizes in the market.”

“Our job is to identify all the problems and then look for the best version of the brand to be itself again. Digging the archives isn’t the “all-out solution” to all brand profiles, but it’s not a bad starting point if the brand has completely lost its way over time. ” How does this work…

Find lasting benefits

How to wake up the brand heritage - Find lasting benefits

Richard Buchanan, M.D. at The Clearing, drew attention to the rapidly resurrolling fast-moving consumer goods and automotive brands, includingArctic Roll, Monster Munch, Fiat 500, Beetle and Mini. “They are built on emotion and are a treasure trove of goodwill in the minds of consumers,” he explains. “But these consumers alone are not enough to ensure the brand’s future success.” They have to attract new audiences. “

In the end, Buchanan adds, for the brand to re-use some of its long-lost traditions, its DNA must be substantial and worth reawakening first.

“Heritage alone is not going to work,” he argues. “The core of the brand has to have something to bring you that connection. Mini reflects the pop culture of the 1960s; the “Mini Adventure” campaign has been repacked in a more urban way. More than just graphics or speech boards: there must be in-house benefits.

“There needs to be a revenue that is as important today as it is now,” he said. Certain essences or attitudes can be reimagined for a new audience. You need to identify the gold blocks, the little gems that make them a reality. Brand features.”

If it doesn’t work, don’t push it

Design bridges deep into archives to rebrand Guinness
Design bridges deep into archives to rebrand Guinness

According to Chloe Templeman, creative director of Design Bridge, the agency often partners with long-standing brands that may be forgotten or “lost” over time. “It’s our job to find hidden gems and tell them through design in a way that’s relevant to today,” she said, citing the company’s name as Guinness.

She continued: “However, this approach can only work if the brand has a long history. She continued. “Sometimes you’re looking for a hook and the hook is not there, so you have to choose another route. There is no scientific basis: sometimes it’s an intuition. “

Looking to the future

How to wake up the brand heritage - Looking to the future
Moody said: “Brewdog has absorbed what we know about the beer brand and remixed it to the core. “

Chris Moody, chief creative officer at Wolff Olins, believes you can look to the future, not the past, whenever possible. “Personally, I’m not happy with tradition, ” he admits. “It’s a valuable part of it, but in any other industry, people don’t indulge in their industry and are less interested in it.”

“All brands should strive to carry core, forward-looking DNA, which is consistent with their claims,” Moody’s said. Selecting a historical fixed point as the only anchor point can prevent you from moving forward. Authenticity should not be confused with inheritance: it is a gain over time.

Moody’s insists: “What really matters is the content that is relevant to today’s audience. Brewdog leverages our understanding of the beer brand and re-integrates it into the core of the brand. They’re as real as hell, but they do it through constant innovation. Challenge what they did yesterday.

Traditional brands like Tatley should learn from Brewdog’s modernity, not from the old logo archive.

Don’t laugh at the past

How to wake up the brand heritage - Dont laugh at the past
North’s Co-op rebranded its 1960s grocery store

“Limited editions can be a great way to inspire nostalgia and remind them why they fell in love with a brand in the first place,” Templeman says. “To give an escliable “retro” version of Irn-Bru an example of her childhood”, but the brand must keep moving forward. It’s about drawing inspiration from past brand stories and adding a sense of modernity to it. “

Look for fascinating stories

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Lyle’s Golden Syrup has a dead lion surrounded by flies

“Heritage really works only if you have a pure past and a compelling story,” Barker said. For some brands, it’s impossible to look back. Robertson’s Jam is an extreme example of how the rotting lion carcasses found on a brand of syrup are still very relevant and still acceptable today,” he added.

“Legacy can be a weapon full of guns, and authenticity is a buzzword. Consumers can’t be fooled or entertained like they used to be,” Buck continued. “They’re right that they’re demanding more from their brands. Truth is fundamental. Without it, you’re a fake and you’ll soon find counterfeiters. “


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