The Best 14 Platforms for Online Courses in 2021

Written By Shayan

Published on: 16/01/2021

Most people have a certain level of knowledge and experience that they can share with others. The rest of us certainly have a lot to learn. Whether it’s gardening skills or how to start and grow a successful business, it can be taught and learned online through the Learning Management System (LMS), which provides users with access to digital courses.

Online courses have a lot in common with IRL courses – instructors provide information through interactive and fascinating videos, text and audio, and PDF files. Students follow, take notes, cooperate, and take exams to test their knowledge.

LMS software provides an excellent platform for thought leaders and experts to sell high-value courses to customers. As more and more people move to online learning materials and expert courses, creating and selling courses online can yield high returns.

Barriers to entry into online teaching have been greatly reduced. Coupled with the fact that the demand for online learning is soaring, now is the perfect time to create meaningful courses for knowledge-hungry users.

Tips for building courses and sharing your knowledge and expertise

You want to share some knowledge and experience with potential learners. Building and sharing courses online takes time and, of course, money. Build a budget, understand your target audience, and use the right tools to build the right curriculum.

Once you have established the course paths and goals that you want learners to pass, you can build e-learning content accordingly. It’s important to consider how you want to speed up your course and whether you can “drip content” to enable users to learn effectively.

Focus on quality over quantity. Often in a learning environment, less is more, and it ensures that learners retain a small amount of important content. Make sure the content delivered is intuitive and creative. Create delivery methods with video, handouts, printable content, and PowerPoint.

Finally, write down a clear description. Each learner should have a deep understanding of what they can expect from the course and know exactly how to make the most of it. Many of the online course platforms mentioned below will allow you to comment on the instructions in the documentation to make them clear.

There are hundreds of course platforms, but which platform is best for publishing and selling your course materials? Each offers something different in terms of the user interface, customer support, and the provision of resources and educational content. Let’s take a look at what the game’s leading platform can offer you.

5 Benefits Why Online Learning is the Future of Education

In the past few years, the concept of traditional education has changed radically. Immersive classrooms are no longer the only learning option – at least with the rise of the Internet and new technologies. Today, you can get a quality education wherever you need it, as long as you can use your computer. We are now entering a new era – the revolution in online education.

There is no need to dispel doubts about education through the Internet. It’s hard to understand the concept of leaving a traditional classroom, especially when faced with a vast space called the Internet.

Over 30 percent of higher education students in the U.S. are taking at least one distance course.

Online learning survey

However, this is not enough to avoid this alternative, which has proven to be effective and useful for many students. More than 30 percent of U.S. higher education students are taking at least one distance course, according to a new survey by the Babson Research Group.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, online education is a smart choice. As a student, this can be a useful learning method that can be used to improve your skills or learn new skills in difficult subjects.

It’s Flexible

Through online education, teachers and students can set their own learning schedules and schedule according to each person’s schedule, increasing flexibility. As a result, using an online education platform can better balance work and learning, so you don’t have to give up anything.

Online learning will teach you vital time management skills, which makes it easier to find a good balance of work-study. Having a common agenda between students and teachers can also lead to new responsibilities and greater autonomy.

Wide Selection of Programs Available

In such a vast space of the Internet, there are infinite teaching skills and disciplines. An increasing number of universities and colleges of higher education offer online versions of programs for all levels and disciplines.

From music creation to quantum physics, every type of student has a choice. Online learning programs are also a great way to get a formal certificate, diploma, or degree without having to get involved on a college campus in person.

Accessible Everywhere

Online education allows you to study or teach anywhere in the world. This means you don’t have to commute from one place to another or follow a strict schedule. Most importantly, it saves not only time, but also money, which can be spent on other priorities.

Virtual classrooms can also be used anywhere with an Internet connection, and a good way to take advantage of them is to travel. For example, if you are studying abroad and want to find a job, online education is a good choice. There is no reason to give up work or study when exploring novelty places.

Customized Learning Experience

We’ve talked about how flexibility can help you set your own learning curve. But online education is also flexible for each student’s individual requirements and competency level. Online courses tend to be smaller than regular courses. In most cases, the online learning platform allows only one student at a time, and in almost all cases this can allow you and your mentor to interact more and give more feedback.

People can also often access a wide variety of materials online, such as videos, photos, and e-books, and mentors can integrate other formats, such as forums or discussions, to improve courses. And these extras are available anytime, anywhere, which will give you a more dynamic and tailored education.

Cost Effective

Online education tends to be more affordable than face-to-face education. In general, there are several payment methods that allow you to pay in installments or by course. This allows for better budget management.

Many of you may also receive discounts or scholarships, so the price is rarely high. You can also save money on commuting and course materials, which are usually free of charge. In other words, money invests less, but the results may be better than other options.

These are just a few of the reasons for choosing online education, and why 90 percent of today’s students think online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience.

Each student must assess his or her unique situation and make decisions based on his or her needs and goals, and while this alternative to traditional education is not for everyone, it is still a convenient choice, with almost endless choices for international students around the world.


Learnworlds website homepage
Images Source: Learnworlds

Learnworlds is the future of e-learning, with everything you need to create and sell online courses and keep students engaged.

It’s a great online course builder and my overall no-no. Best for course creators looking for interactive course experiences and student engagement. If you’re looking for a free option, Learnworlds isn’t for you.

However, Learnworlds is the best choice if you want to create an interactive learning experience through questionnaires, tests, and fascinating elements.

The first step is to use its custom landing and sales pages to create the look and feel of the online course. You can use their responsive template and style libraries to build your course site, and even add additional information pages (about, pricing, contact information, etc.), all of which can be easily done with Learnworlds.

You can use their theme editor to customize the course’s branding and color scheme with minimal coding knowledge.

Next, as you prepare to build your course, you can take advantage of their prefabribriited course catalog and add your content. These directories include advanced features such as interactive video players, online testing, interactive e-books and downloadable attachments.

Your students will also benefit from this customized approach. In class, they can take notes, highlight key points, and get a certificate of completion.

When you want to market your course, you can use the full custom domain and white-label the content. For example, Learnworlds will create your custom mobile app for your course and offer coupons and discounts to students to get to market.

Finally, they provide social media integration, a new analytics platform to optimize sales, the ability to create member sites, a strong knowledge base, and 24/7 support.


Thinkfic website homepage
Image Source: Thinkfic

This hosted platform allows users to create and sell online courses from their own websites. This means that users can download all types of content, configure their courses and manage payments under their own brand. Unlike other course platforms, Thinkific is not a course market; therefore, users have full control over pricing strategies, user data, and company policies.

The platform is mainly focused on providing key features for creating and selling online courses. These features allow users to add multiple types of content to each course, such as videos, text, tests, PDFs, audio, and surveys. Courses are run professionally through a built-in course player, and users can create a community forum to issue certificates and create linear learning trajectories with mandatory courses.

Al if Thinkific does not include a sales funnel designer or an e-marketing platform; Create a website, useful tools abound. Thinkific offers a range of themes and tools to create sites that don’t require programming. Users can quickly import existing content with an intuitive drag course designer. Create great websites and sales pages with built-in content creation tools. Create text and HTML lessons, presentations, and tests directly on the system.

Users maintain 100% ownership of their content in Thinkific. It supports the development of individual brands, not Thinkific itself. These are easy-to-use features that allow users to create and deploy complex online courses at relatively low prices.

In fact, Basic Thinkific features such as hosting content are free. Its $49-a-month basic plan can be easily upgraded to a $99 monthly professional plan for additional zero transaction fee features on all plans.

It is worth noting that Thinkific has not yet developed a mobile application. This can hinder its use in some cases – especially for targeted demographic information on the go. The two-step payment process is not suitable for conversions, so you may need to pay special attention to marketing and sales.

Thinkific does not support PayPal for regular payments, which may scare off some customers looking for payment options with maximum security. While these pitfalls may not ignore Thinkific as an inefficient platform for online courses, they should be considered from a business point of view when choosing the best platform to host your courses.


Teachable website homepage
Image Source: Teachable

My #3 pick for teachable, e-learning platforms. By creating an account, you join 22,000 other instructors who create excellent teaching platforms for their students. You can choose to use the online course platform for free (with $1 + $0.10 for all transactions) or choose from three of its three schemes ranging from $29 to $299/month per month.

I recommend the most popular Pro Plans with a first class course creations package of $119 per month as it is the first plan with zero transaction fees. It also has rated exams, custom completion certificates, advanced website theme customization, and support for up to 5 admin users.

Uploading your content without separate web hosting, editing the look of your online school, and interacting with your students is quite effortless.


Probably one of the largest online course markets on the market - Udemy is the perfect place to start when it comes to course builders listing their materials. Users can use Udemy for free to create and distribute online courses on the platform or to their own audience. When distributed privately, users receive 93% of the profits and remain 3% on Udemy. Sales that are backed up through the platform give Udemy 50% of sales.

Probably one of the largest online course markets on the market – Udemy is the perfect place to start when it comes to course builders listing their materials. Users can use Udemy for free to create and distribute online courses on the platform or to their own audience. When distributed privately, users receive 93% of the profits and remain 3% on Udemy. Sales that are backed up through the platform give Udemy 50% of sales.

With a user base of more than 40 million students, most course builders at least consider Udemy at some point in their careers. Thanks to its large user base, many instructors have succeeded at Udemy, which hosts multiple free or paid courses without the need to pay Udemy a monthly fee.

Udemy offers a lot of guidance and support to experts, leaders, teachers, and instructions on how to create their courses. The simple user interface brings experts through a step-by-step process to get their courses up and running. Start by going to the “Teach” tab, where you’ll be asked to enter your course title.

Find in-depth articles about Udemy that cover uploading videos and adding course descriptions, ‘creating assignments, and creating essay tests’. The support available is unique and should give course builders the confidence they need to create, publish, and sell courses.


Kajabi Landing page

Kajabi is a high-strength course builder for in-depth courses. Includes powerful course site themes, powerful email marketing automation, sales, and digital products, customizable payment, and blogging functionality. Their plan is a bit expensive, starting at $119 per month, including a 20% annual discount. However, they really know what they are doing as they are trusted by more than 16,000 businesses and trade more than $675 million through their platforms.

Their $119 basic plan gives you a website, three products, three consecutive layouts, unlimited landing pages, unlimited marketing emails, and up to 1,000 members and 10,000 people. High-end plans increase the number of websites, products, pipelines, and people, so you can choose a specific plan based on your needs.

Where Kajabi really excels is marketing automation tools. You can segment users on your list, email them based on advanced triggers at certain times, and send professionally branded messages.


Udacity Landing page

Being an instructor with Udacity means helping to train the next generation of technology leaders in more than 160 countries and improve thousands of lives around the world. Udacity instructors develop content in 2-3 months using the “retrospective design” process. You will create courses, tests, projects, and evaluations.

While Udacity is not open as a platform for businesses or individuals to create and sell their own courses, it invites experts or those interested in specific subjects to become instructors and develop courses for other people.

Udacity’s instructors create projects, lectures, and videos in close collaboration with Udacity’s Content Team. You can’t make revenue selling your courses, but you’ll be paid for courses and materials you’ve created for Udacity. It is worth considering that professionals with knowledge and experience share with others.


LearnDash Landing Page

LearnDash is an impressive online course platform integrated with WordPress. Some major websites that use LearnDash include Yoast, Infusionsoft, the University of Michigan, and WP Elevation. One of its first useful features is “Focus Mode”, which blocks all distractions as students progress through a course.

LearnDash’s full-featured course builder is compatible with email campaigns. You can create a great online course for sending lessons based on a schedule and pair your content with an email drop program. Gradebook* technologies take LMS to another level. This technology gives students an overall grade based on their exam and homework scores, creating a weighted average for teachers to review.

In addition toning, course scores are awarded points and badges, and certificates for actions to students for course activities. LearnDash is a great choice if you’re a teacher looking for a scoring system that competes with the characteristics of a college course.


Skillshare homepage view

Skillshare is just as famous. It allows users to share their skills with others by creating online courses and selling them to their email lists for a monthly fee. Users can create premium categories for free, but an upgrade fee is required to receive royalties and premium membership recommendations. By providing a platform for publishing course materials, this is a great platform to expand your course business opportunities. It’s perfect for those who want to get started right now without worrying about automation or email marketing tools.

Course creators will receive royalties based on the number of course minutes consumed by Skillshare users. In fact, creators don’t really make any revenue until Skillshare users spend at least 30 minutes of content in a month.


podia website landing page view

Podia allows more than 11,000 users to create, host, and sell their courses on a single easy-to-use platform. There are no transaction fees, and a simple three-step process opens your course website in no time. Al if they do not charge, the transaction fees of payment processors are 2.9% + 30¢.

Other features include the ability to add coupons and memberships, pre-start courses, add sales pages, and take advantage of “drip” courses. This feature helps students learn in the right structure by providing access to separate sections of the course at a time.

Where they stand out with their membership options. You can grow your own online community by interacting with members, bringing products together for specific groups, offering tiered plans, and connecting with Facebook Groups and Slack. Podia also allows you to organize live or on-demand webinars. You can sell these webinars or provide them for free to create your customer email list.

Another great feature is the ability to run your own affiliate program within Podia. You can view all your affiliates in one place, view usage reports, and pay according to your own customized commission structure. In general, if you are looking for a strong membership function and the ability to increase your sales with the help of sales partners, Podia is a unique and valuable course builder to try.


TalentLMS landing page

With a company that promises to start broadcasting 2x faster for $59 a month, it’s one of the best fits for businesses looking for a simple, user-friendly LMS. This cloud-based learning management system acts as a ready-to-use solution. Register to start the e-Learning process and start adding courses. It’s also flexible – offering free trials to all businesses and a customizable pricing plan to meet the needs of each business. Host virtual training and online courses with TalentLMS, and integrate a range of third-party tools, such as Zoom, for meetings.

Adding course content is simple and can be done using internal tools and creating modules using existing media or through content available on the Internet. Edit and replace files, share them with users, and re-use them in different modules. Its evaluation engine allows you to assess the progress of students using different tests and analyze results through data reports – enabling you to provide in-depth and valuable feedback to learners.

This ÖYS can provide a mix of eLearning and instructor-led training for comprehensive and complete learning materials. It has full control over content management and creation while supporting personal messages and discussion forums for collaboration and relationship building. TalentLMS offers a free plan to 5 users and up to 10 courses, while paid plans start from $59 to $429 per month for larger audiences.


Ruzuku Landing Page

With Ruzuku, you can create step-by-step online courses with learning platforms, PDFs, and text in minutes. You can quickly create draft courses, easily edit and reorder steps, start learning courses, and sell them now. Ruzuku integrates with tools such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal to accept payments – without transaction fees.

They are also known for their ideal community. When you join Ruzuku, you don’t buy teaching tools; Ruzuku is known as the “very simple course creator” and has some great features, as follows:

Core features offered by Ruzuku


Skyprep Landing page

SkyPrep LMS is an intuitive, direct platform for leaders and instructors to build courses. Simply put together the exams and learning materials you created and upload them using Skyprep’s built-in tools. You can rearrange them over and over again in the exact way you want learners to access them. When you modify a course, you can set the course to inactive, making it unavailable to users.

Start building courses by uploading what you have, including Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDFs, PowerPoint, video and audio materials. Administrators can create various quizzes and tests simply by selecting the exam format from the list and adding it to the course.

SkyPrep makes it easy to share courses with learners. Simply invite users, add them individually, add them in bulk or market your course availability online, allowing them to sign up for themselves. Once registered, learners can comment on the document privately and print it. Give learners automatically generated certificates in recognition of their learning achievements.

Academy of Mine

Academy of mine landing page

The Academy of Mines is a high-end online learning platform based on personalized customer success and customized concepts. The standard features of any program are completely free development time to help you set up and launch courses with custom integration. One of their goals is not just to build you and help you get started. They also want to help sell your courses through their marketing tools and analytics dashboards.

Personalization is at the heart of its strategy. Are you a healthcare company that wants to create a complete course for Continuing Education Credits (CECs)? They can help you. Are you an insurance company that needs to continue training due to changing laws and regulations at the state level? Do you want to create an online course to manage your facilities?

While these enterprise products may be overdried for typical users, they are necessary for small and medium-sized businesses that need to provide strong training systems for their employees or customers.

Flora LMS

Flora LMS landing page

Flora LMS has developed a systematic and simple approach to bidding instructors create and sell their online courses. Instead of offering a complete online school, it provides a simplified set of online tools for creating basic online course storefronts. These courses are placed on their own pages – each page displays user comments, lesson plans, and instructions.

Use this LMS to deliver courses through documentation (XLS, DOC, and PDF) presentations and media files. Build tests and tasks for Flora LMS to continue and automatically issue certificates to those who pass the test. Administrators can also set the system to grant completion badges and credits.

It’s also easy to find potential learners because Flora LMS gives Google access to your course page – appearing in Flora’s own search results. When new students enter, payments can PayPal, Stripe, and Flora’s flexible currency system accepts all major global credit and debit cards from 30 countries.

Top WordPress Membership Add-ons

The more students you get, the less you pay each year. The cheapest package with this solution can accommodate up to 300 learners. According to the annual billing schedule, a monthly fee of £2.87 per user – a higher price requires a custom quote. This is an ideal solution for people who want to launch online training centers quickly and efficiently to monetize learning content.


Online courses can help you get mad, broaden your audience, teach students topics you care about, or make money online faster. When choosing between the best online teaching platforms, keep research in mind: consider time limits, monthly fees, and available marketing features.

Each platform makes it easy for you to upload your content, provide training for students, and generate sales. But the key factor is you. The success of the course ultimately depends on the quality of your content and your ability to market yourself.

A platform is a platform. Yes, it’s a brand-interactive media with your insights and experience, but it still requires planning, market research, development, and most importantly marketing. When choosing between the best platforms, you must finally determine what works best for you. There are countless topics to teach, and thousands of students are ready to learn from you.


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