How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website

Written By Shayan

Published on: 19/01/2021

Do you have a WordPress website? and you want to make a system where you customer can order you without touching you. So, it is possible with the Bookly. Bookly is a free plugin that provides you a scheduling system, allow your clients or customer to book order online through your website or make reservation.

The free version provides you many benefits. Through this you can easily setup you online booking and reservation system.
How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website - bookly plugin icon

PLEASE NOTE that online payments, unlimited number of staff members and services, and ability to install add-ons are NOT AVAILABLE in the free version. If you would like to find out more about features available with the Bookly PRO add-on, please check our demo.

— Bookly

Here is the list of all Bookly Pro addons that will extend your booking website functionality. I’ll explain step by step all of them in the later blog posts.

  • Bookly Discount
  • Bookly PayPal Checkout
  • Bookly Custom Statuses
  • Bookly Collaborative Service
  • Bookly Tasks
  • Bookly PayUbiz
  • Bookly Custom Duration
  • GPDR Solution By Bookly
  • Bookly Google Calendar
  • Bookly Google Maps
  • Bookly Invoices
  • Bookly Taxes
  • Bookly Cart
  • Bookly Ratings
  • Bookly Customer Information
  • Bookly Compound Services
  • Bookly Files
  • Bookly Customer Groups
  • Bookly Group Booking
  • Bookly Stripe
  • Bookly Payson
  • Bookly Mobile
  • Bookly Custom Field
  • Bookly Coupons
  • Bookly 2Checkout
  • Bookly
  • Bookly Packages
  • Bookly Waiting List
  • Bookly PayU Latam

Above all the addon are available in premium subscriptions. You can buy them from this link. Today I’ll show you how to properly set up this plugin. Keep in mind that I’ll use the premium plugin for this post. And for the next post, I’ll explain all of its premium features in coming posts.

So, lets start.

First of all, install this plugin from the WordPress Repository. If you don’t know that how to install a plugin so, I recommend you WPBeginner guide. They describe very well how we can install plugins in different ways.

After installing Bookly you can find its location in the WordPress menu. And the first time the dashboard will look like this.

How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website - Bookly Pro dashboard view

Bookly Menu

How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website - Appointment dashboard in Bookly
This dashboard will show you all of your appointments (booked on frontend) even they are old or new. You can easily filter you new appointment by clicking on eye icon.
  • Calendar: This menu item alerts you every time for new appointments or reservations. You can easily check this calendar to manage your schedule.
  • Appointments: From this menu item you can easily check or appointments. Or, also you can add a new appointment (manually).
    • Export to CSV: From this menu item, you can export all of your appointments even new or old to a separate CSV file. This option is useful to store an extra backup for your appointments or you can use this CSV file in excel. If you want to know more about a CSV file then Beau Carnes very well described in detail “What is a CSV File and How to Open the CSV File Format”.
    • Print: If you want to print the selected appointment or all then you can use this button. Also, you can filter the option which item to be print.
    • New appointment: You can manually add a new appointment. Later I’ll tell you about How to add a new appointment manually.
    • Eye icon: By using this icon you can filter which item to be shown in the dashboard.

Staff Members Bookly

How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website - Staff Members in Bookly
The staff member tab shows a list of workers in you organization. These members will show up at the frontend when customer placing or booking appointment. The client will choose up their required member according to their choice.
  • Staff Members order: By clicking on this option you can rearrange members order to show that which member will be shown on the top.
  • Categories: You can create categories and and listed you staff member as their jobs.
  • Add staff member: From this option you can add a new staff member in detail.

Services in Bookly

How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website - Service dashboard in Bookly
These added services will show up on the frontend to your clients when they’re scheduling an appointment.
  • Service order: This option will help you to rearrange services from up to down.
  • Category: You can add many category from this tab to arrange your services in proper from.
  • Add service: Here you can your service in detail that what you’ll serve to your client when your client.

Later in the next posts I’ll tell you how to add a service in the Bookly in proper way.

Customer Menu

How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website - Customer Menu in Bookly

This menu includes all of your customer. All your customer information will be displayed in tabular form. You can contact your customer by using information shown in this tab. When new appointment has been made then new customer information automatically displayed in this dashboard.

Email Notifications

How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website - Notification menu in Bookly

As you seeing in the above picture that Bookly created some of the notification alerts by default and some notification are disabled. You can also edit these notifications and add your own custom setting.

General Setting sub menu

By clicking on general setting in this notification dashboard you can change Sender email and name. Also choose the type of email (HTML, Text). Reply directly to customer (Enabled) mean that when you setup any notification alert then Bookly will send an email to address that is registered in the customer dashboard for customer. If this option disable then you should have to manually insert you sender email to send a notification.

Also you can create your custom notification by clicking on New Notification option. Here you can choose your own setting. Also you can use HTML editor to design you preferred notification for your customer. Recipients allow you to choose which type of person will receive notification alert. Bookly also gives you some useful shortcode that you can use in HTML editor to design you email.

SMS notification

How to Book Order Online With Bookly into Your WordPress Website - SMS Notification dashboard in Bookly

Please keep in mind that this is the paid service by Bookly Cloud. For using this service you must be registered to a Bookly Cloud account to send notification by SMS to your customers. You can create account in this dashboard easily by filling up common information and accepting terms and conditions.


The payments menu in the Bookly will display all of the payments made by your clients in the frontend. You can choose your preferred payment method for your clients. For free accounts Bookly allows admins to setup payment locally or by Using PayPal express.

Here the sgwebpartners very well described that how you can setup PayPal Express Checkout with WooCommerce. Every step in this guide as same for you Bookly PayPal Express Checkout. All you have to do that just copy your collected information by the above guide into the Bookly PayPal checkout.


The head of Bookly plugin. Because this will decide the view of your appointment form in the frontend for clients. I’ll explain this section in another guide how you can customize Bookly form with your own setting.

Wrapping up

Through this guide you’ll be able to setup internal setting for you Bookly plugin. In fact this plugin is most easy and popular for your online booking system. From the free version you can easily create a frontend booking form for your WordPress website. But If you need more features then you must have to purchase these addon from themeforest. Or if you’re interested in buying this plugin then I recommend you to buy through my link. If you buy this plugin from my link then I’ll earn a small amount of commission that help our team to make these guides.


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