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Published on: 23/01/2021

As you know that is a platform where both readers and writers can read/write quality content on different topics. As well as a blogger any type of writer can join a medium platform for free. However, the medium also offers premium features for both writers and for readers to access all the stories, magazines, million of audios stories, and lead generating stories from professional writers.

Affiliate Marketer can also join this Medium platform to generate affiliate income. Becuase medium generates highly organic traffic sources from different countries that also useful for marketers to describe their products and gain sales. According to SimilarWeb medium generates round about 213 million of users in the last six months.

Medium Free account features.

By creating a free account on the medium you can read stories from the most popular authors in the world including bookmark features, also like their stories (by Clapping), and also you can write and publish your own post.

Earn money from

Yes, also you can earn money from the medium by writing your own original articles (stories) and publishing them. Normal accounts just signup and can start publishing and more if you want to make money from the medium, then offers “Medium Partner Program” by reading this guide you can join medium partner program. Be remember this is not an affiliate link and I’ll not earn any commission 🙂

How to publish affiliate articles on

So, if you’re an affiliate marketer then you can post/repost your new or existing articles into medium without hassle.

Lets see how to do it.

For the WordPress user it is very easy.

  • Join
  • Setup your profile.
How to Earn Money by Writing affiliate articles on Medium - - medium dot com profile section
click on the icon of your medium profile. And you’re seeing the option “Stories” click on it.
  • After clicking you’ll be directed to another medium page.
  • Here you can manage your drafts, published stories, and as well as your responses.
  • Also here are two button “Import a story” and “Write a story”
  • Import a story: By clicking you’ll see a URL input tab. Just copy your existing posted article and paste it here. Medium will auto recognize this URL and find you all post section. Before publishing, you can also edit it.
  • Write a story: I recommend this option. Because this is easy to use interface for writing, inserting links, and uploading images.

Affiliate Link guides for’s writers are not limited to share knowledge if they will follow some simple rules or guides from So, for affiliate marketer if you’re inserting links that will direct medium reader to another place then according to medium guide lines you must disclose that.

This is the FAV icon of

You must disclose affiliate links or payment for a post. Affiliate links, such as link out to Amazon with your code, or any other link out where you will receive a commission or other value, are allowed in posts. But, you must disclose somewhere in the post that it includes affiliate links. If you have received payment, goods or services, or something else of value in exchange for writing a post, you must still disclose this fact in writing within your post (as per FTC Rules and Guides).

— Medium

If any user violates these rules from medium then has right to stop payment for that specific post or stories in which violation found. Or, if you find that any user/writer on breaking policies then you can flag him/her and tell medium. also offers a form to fill it up necessary information and send it to medium

Here is the rules for publishing

How to understand that your article is trending on

Make sure you work with trending topics. Most users cannot get more views on their stories. The reason behind may be something, but you should always work with keywords. Its is very important to check that your article is meet the quality requirements that medium offers.

You should not put your affiliate link in many areas of your post content. The first and last paragraph is a better place to introduce your affiliate product.

Getting Likes (Claps)

When your content is useful for reader then they’ll like your article by clapping button on medium. More claps mean your article will rank more and more. Also, medium analyzes claps to identify that how friendly is your content.

Catchy Headlines

What inside in your content decided by your article headline. The main ranking factor on medium to write meaningful headlines for your stories. Make sure that your headline will briefly compress you stories and tell visitors that what your content about.

Social Platform

You must use social platforms for sharing your stories. In fact, you should also link other relative bloggers with your stories.

How to write a ranking article on

Maybe you’re thinking about why most affiliate marketers not rank their content and will be able to get reasonable traffic. This may be due to some of the reasons. Please keep in mind that your long-term content is not very important to attract your customer or visitor. So, I’ll clear about this situation to help you how you can write attracted content for your readers.

Use details

In the view of the keywords formula, a better point is this to target long-tail and high intended keywords.

  • Explain why your claim is correct
  • Displays examples and use cases
  • Share the results of the experiment
  • Make unique and opposing propositions

Wrapping Up

At last you liked writing content and don’t have a website. But don’t worry medium will provide you a easi medium that matter. In fact you can write many post on daily basis on medium but you cannot repost more than 3 stories on So, I think some of the above paragraphs will helped. If not then please write some lines below to suggest any idea. Please share this post to social media may be this will some help to others.

Why You Should Write for

Medium is an online publishing platform for professional writers. It’s a place to share knowledge and stories that many people see as bloggers. With a large audience, it is currently among the top 300 most visited sites in the world. A large audience is a great opportunity to expand your membership marketing on Medium.

So how do you use Medium for membership marketing? Let’s start by re-publishing your membership content to attract traffic to your member’s website.

How to use affiliates links in

As before I told that medium is an open platform for sharing and reading/writing. So, you can insert your affiliate links directly or you can use pretty links plugin for WordPress if you’re a wordpress user.

Will Duplicate COntent will be penalized on Google?

I think you know that Google did not like copied or duplication in content. But while reposting on medium will be canonical URL by default. Its mean Google will not penalized content.

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